Risk Management Magazine-Tomo 56 Número September - 2009

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Publicación: Risk Management Magazine

Número: Tomo 56 Número September - 2009

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Higher learning : teaching risk management and insurance Holbrook, Emily p. 30-37
Piracy's impact on insurance Siemens, Rene p. 38-43
Litigation time bombs : three mass tort trends to watch Kavanagh, John p. 44-47
The Bigger picture Jablonowski, Mark p. 50-54
Battle tested Abigail, Maj p. 24-29
10 Tips for winning mass tort litigation Mangan, Luke J. p. 48
Are you using good risk models? Scordis, Nicos A. p. 56
Case dismissed O'Rourke, Morgan p. 14
Contingency fees, round two Coffin, Bill p. 16
Environmental risk trends Nevius, John G. 1 p.
Hurricane tamers Wade, Jared p. 10-12
International profile : South Korea p. 20-21
The Employer take on health care Holbrook, Emily p. 18
Obligation vs. opportunity Gant, Derek p. 58-59
The Canadian difference Moore, Ellene p. 60