Risk Management Magazine-Tomo 56 Número October - 2009

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Publicación: Risk Management Magazine

Número: Tomo 56 Número October - 2009

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Web of deceit : the global impact of conterfeit products Wotherspoon, David p. 32-36
Eyes wide open Soot Chung, Jou p. 38-42
Risk essentials : reinsurance Rosenquest, John B. p. 44-47
Technical support Masing, Erik p. 48-51
The New wild west Wade, Jared p. 26-31
The Value of managing diagnostic claims Duford, Don p. 56
Time for a business divorce? Golkow, Curtis L. p. 54
Unsafe at any speed Holbrook, Emily p. 16
Black gold, black market Coffin, Bill p. 12-13
Cape and trade Wade, Jared p. 18-19
Correcting climate change p. 20
Getting the most out of payroll coverage Brophy, Christopher M. p. 52-53
How healthy is your insurer? Burchill, by Jeffrey A. p. 58
Imaginary touchdowns O'Rourke, Morgan p. 14
Iran, oil and insurance Tol, Pieter Van p. 10-12
Mind the gap Connolly, Kevin J. p. 60
Over the top Seib, Lorraine p. 59
Searching for Jessica Biel O'Rourke, Morgan p. 17
The Benefits of GRC software Purtell, Tim p. 57