Ergonomics : the international journal of research and practice in human factors and ergonomics-Volumen 53 Número 2 - febrero 2010

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Publicación: Ergonomics : the international journal of research and practice in human factors and ergonomics

Número: Volumen 53 Número 2 - febrero 2010

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The Challenge of regional accents for aviation English language proficiency standards : a study of difficulties in understanding in air traffic control-pilot communications Tiewtrakul, T. p. 229-239
Aviation as a system of systems : preface to the special issue of human factors in aviation Harris, Don p. 145-148
Human factors in safety and business management p. 149-163
The Advancement of a new human factors report, "the unique report", facilitating flight crew auditing of performance-operations as part of an airline's safety management system p. 164-183
From Ethnography to the EAST method : a tractable approach for representing distributed cognition in Air Traffic control p. 184-197
Investigating accident causation through information network modelling Griffin, T.G.C. p. 198-210
Adaptative coordination and heedfulness make better cockpit crews p. 211-228
The Taskload-efficiency-safety buffer triangle development and validation with air traffic management p. 240-246
A Performance improvement case study in aircraft maintenance and its implications for hazard identification p. 247-267
The Relationship between manual handling performance and recent flying experience in air transport pilots p. 268-277
Exaggerated force production in altered Gz-levels during parabolic flight : the role of computational resources allocation Mierau, Andreas p. 278-285
The Effect of overwing hatch placement on evacuation from smaller transport aircraft Wilson, Rebecca L. p. 286-293
Development of a bespoke human factors taxonomy for gliding accident analysis and its revelations about highly inexperienced UK glider pilots Jarvis, Steve p. 294-303