Asia insurance review-Número 5 - mayo 2017

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Publicación: Asia insurance review

Número: Número 5 - mayo 2017

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The New old normal for insurers and brokers Fried, David p. 12-13
Charge of the online insurers Toh, Ann p. 32-33
Southeast Asia : getting on the bancassurance bandwagon Zaki, Ahmad p. 36-37
Bancassurance on a high in South Asia John, Jimmy p. 38-39
Future of insurance lies outside of it Abbas, Ridwan p. 40-41
Insurance agents : a diminishing or expanding role? Hesselink, Andre p. 42-43
Roundtable sparks robust exchange on hot issues in the market in Australia p. 46-50
Important changes to terrorism insurance scheme in Australia Wallace, Christopher p. 54-55
Cyclone Debbie in Australia : lessons to note Bloxsome, Paul p. 52-53
Strategic alignment of risks and measures Wee Teong, Cheah p. 56-57
Transforming ERM to deliver value in insurance p. 58-60
Fast rising exposures impact D&O landscape Lynch, Damian p. 62-63
Champagne taste but beer money : why it pays to invest in wording Chang, Cecilia p. 64-65
Predictive modelling across customer lifetime Luo, Mandy p. 66-68
Disruption : connectivity will be the tipping point Sutton, Jenny p. 70-71
NHP 2017 - An opportunity to redefine indian healthcare Khanna, Anoop p. 72-73
2017 LIMRA LOMA Operational Strategies Conference : Blockchain - Hype or game changer? McInturff Appel, Tammy p. 74-75
Insurance and its continued benefits to the economy and society : The Geneva Association Courbage, Christophe p. 76-77
Driving into a driverless future Wan Fen, Chia p. 78-79
Asia's long march to RBC Wan Fen, Chia p. 80-82
Predictive underwriting in life insurance Jha, Kedarnath p. 84-86