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Research and reality : a literature review on drawing down retirement financial savings

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Título: Research and reality : a literature review on drawing down retirement financial savings / Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald...[]
Notas: Sumario: How do, could, and should retirees draw down their financial savings? This article reviews over 100 papers on this topic from the perspective of individuals, families, governments, and financial institutions. Three significant conceptual/methodological weaknesses in the existing literature are identified: (1) analysts have examined a limited range of self-managed drawdown strategies; (2) nearly all have ignored home ownership, pensions, debt, and government taxes and transfers when quantitatively evaluating alternative drawdown strategies; and (3) there is a well-acknowledged gap between the behavior implied by economic models and that of real-life individuals, particularly when it comes to voluntary annuitization. Expanding the set of drawdown strategies evaluated (e.g., including larger payouts when life expectancy is reduced after the onset of a significant health condition, or using savings as bridge income to delay the take-up of Social Security payments), refining the income concept used, and more exact modeling of the trade-offs underlying individual decision-making will likely increase the appeal of self-managed drawdown strategies and help resolve the annuity puzzle that has long dominated this line of research. It may also lead to advice and financial products that will better meet the needs of retirees.Registros relacionados: En: North American actuarial journal. - Schaumburg : Society of Actuaries, 1997- = ISSN 1092-0277. - 02/09/2013 Tomo 17 Número 3 - 2013 Outras classificações: 6
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