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Not getting burnt : the enterprise act may expose inefficience in the way fire claims are handled

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      <subfield code="a">Worsfold, David</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Not getting burnt</subfield>
      <subfield code="b">: the enterprise act may expose inefficience in the way fire claims are handled</subfield>
      <subfield code="c">David Worsfold</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">The Enterprise Act with its new requirements to pay claims within a 'reasonable time' is starting to focus the attention of claims hand lers and investigators on potential issues. When it comes to property fire claims, this is already causing tensions as fears that this could emerge as a problem area are growing among sorne of those at the sharp end of investigations. </subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Investigación de accidentes</subfield>
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      <subfield code="0">MAPA20080551292</subfield>
      <subfield code="a">Incendios</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Reclamaciones</subfield>
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      <subfield code="t">Post magazine : the insurance world covered since 1840</subfield>
      <subfield code="d">London : Incisive Financial Publishing Ltd., 2005-2016</subfield>
      <subfield code="g">03/04/2017 Número 4 - abril 2017 , p. 33-36</subfield>