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The Top UK 100 insurers 2019

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Título: The Top UK 100 insurers 2019
Descrição física: 10 p. Notas: Sumario: The playing fi eld for insurers is tough. Brexit, discount rate changes and claim infl ation are just a few of the hazards in their path. Despite this, the 100 largest UK-regulated insurers, ranked by non-life gross premium written, were on top of their game and reported a combined underwriting profi t in 2018, compared to a loss in 2017. With this in mind, Post took a closer look at the tactics of the top 12 insurers to decide what board game they are most like. You can play along yourselves with our insurance-themed Winsurance! pull out and see if you can make the top. The rankings calculated and analysed by AM Best, are based on non-life gross written premiums of 2018.Registros relacionados: En: Insurance post. - London : Infopro Digital Insurance Information , 2016-2022. - 02/10/2019 Año 2019 Número 10 - octubre , p. 27-37Materia / lugar / evento: Ranking Empresas de seguros Brexit Gran Bretaña Outras classificações: 20
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