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The Evolution of catastrophe

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Título: The Evolution of catastrophe / Shane LatchmanAutor: Latchman, Shane
Notas: Sumario: In 1987, the same year that U2 released With or Without You, catastrophe modelling (cat modelling) was born on the US East Coast. More than 30 years have passed since, and now it seems fair to ask, Where is cat modelling headed? I mused about this from an IT point of view just a few years ago, at a conference where almost all of the 300 people responding to a live poll said they were uncomfortable with the cloud. Now, companies are increasingly adopting it, because it seems inevitable it will be needed to run ever more complex models and data in reasonable time.Registros relacionados: En: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries. - London : Redactive Publishing, 2019-. - 03/06/2019 Número 5 - june 2019 , p. 27Materia / lugar / evento: Modelos actuariales Tecnología de la información Automatización Matemática del seguro Cálculo actuarial Modelos de análisis Outras classificações: 6
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