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Mapping tradetech : trade in the fourth industrial revolution

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24514‎$a‎Mapping tradetech ‎$b‎: trade in the fourth industrial revolution
260  ‎$a‎Geneva‎$b‎World Economic Forum‎$c‎2021
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4900 ‎$a‎Insight Report ‎$v‎December 2020
520  ‎$a‎TradeTech is the set of technologies and innovations that enable global trade to be more efficient, inclusive and equitable. The interplay of technology and trade has a long history, spanning from advances in transportation to the advent of the container to the emergence of coordinated production networks. This report considers modern TradeTech in two layers: a first layer in which trade data and processes are transformed from analogue to digital; and a second layer in which trade process optimization and synchronization occurs between different parties, and where emerging technologies play a key role. TradeTech solutions work in bundles. While the second layer depends on data generated in the first one, it is also hard to separate artificial intelligence (AI) from robotics or the internet of things (IoT) from 5G.
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