Passport for care

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Título: Passport for care / Mitchell Momanyi

Notas: Sumario: This article takes a comparative look at the issues of patient access, quality of care, and innovation in various regions of the world. In particular it discusses how countries' health care systems address cost ectiveness of care, quality of care, limiting patient financial liability, reduction of health inequities, and the use of innovations (particularly electronic health records [EHRs]). Observing how diferent health care systems around the globe address issues related to these factors allows for a multidimensional perspective on value, taking into account the major actors in the systems (patients, providers, health insurers and the government).
The regions chosen for discussion were Australia, China, France and the United Kingdom. While this is admittedly a limited list of countries, it represents a range of experiences with respect to political and legal institutions, funding of health care systems and delivery of health care services.

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