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Our Nation's Neglected Infrastructure Part II

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<dc:creator>Denecke, Anna</dc:creator>
<dc:description xml:lang="es">Sumario:  Our nation is at a crossroads. Deteriorating U.S. infrastructure is impeding our ability to compete in the global economy, and improvements are necessary to ensure our country is built for the future. While we have made some progress, reversing the trajectory after a generation of underinvestment in our infrastructure requires transformative action from Congress, states, infrastructure owners, and the American people.</dc:description>
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<dc:title xml:lang="es">Our Nation's Neglected Infrastructure Part II</dc:title>
<dc:relation xml:lang="es">En: Contingencies : American Academy of Actuaries. - Washington : American Academy of Actuaries, 2019-. - 03/05/2021 Año 2021 - mayo junio 2021 , p. 14-20</dc:relation>
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