Fortune. April/May 2021

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Título: Fortune. April/May 2021

Contém: Missing their shot / Maria Aspan - Moment of truth / Matt Heimer - McFamily Feud / Beth Kowitt - The lonely quest for ethical chocolate / Vivienne Walt - Painting a picture of corporate misdeeds / Brian O'Keefe, Nicolas Rapp - Big Hospital vs. big pharma / Geoff Colvin - The 100 best companies to work for - want progress on diversity? Link it to CEO Pay / Phil Wahba - the true cost of a "free" stock trade / Shawn Tully - The intelligent investor: the bible of business / Rey Mashay Ekhi - Wil the trend in unionization prove a new check on Big Tech? / Danielle Abril - Facebook's complicated cleanup: disinformation evades it's A.I. Policing strategy / Jeremy Kahn - Just how green is your "green" fund? How to find the planet-saving champs / Ryan Derousseau - The conversation with Margrethe Vestager: the European Commision executive VP on the future of Big Tech and corporate accountability / David Meyer

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