Fortune. December 2021 - January 2022

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Título: Fortune. December 2021 - January 2022
Notas: Sumario: [Interview to] Jeff Gennette, The Macy's chief on the vitality of stores, supply-chain chaos, and the lack of LGBTQ Fortune 500 CEOs / Phil Wahba -- The Great Raise: a sequel to the Great Resignation / Rob Walker -- A Port Cut Off: The BC Disaster Signals Wider Supply-Chain Disruption to Come / Kat Eschner -- Highlights from the Fortune CEO Initiative /Matt Heimer -- What gets lost in the Remote Work Debate / Geoff Colvin -- Dreams of drone deliveries deferred / Jessica Mathews -- Melt into Maldives: the Indian ocean nation welcomes you back / Alexandra Kirkman -- Fortune's top Travel Picks for 2022 / Adam Erace -- The new home Economics: Big City real estate prices soar / Brian O'keefe, Nicolas Rapp -- Musk rules the markets / Beth Kowitt -- The Trillion-Dollar Tesla Gamble / BY Shawn Tully - Following the Flock / Bernhard Warner -- The Smart Money moves beyond crisis mode / Matt Heimer -- Stocks and funds for 2022 / Shan Tully, Anne Sraders - [Interview to] Kim Posnett, head of Goldman Sachs' investment banking services / Anne Sraders - The list: The fifth annual roundup of companies built for robust growth and outsize market returns, from Fortune and consulting firm BCG. -- Crashing the Billionaire Boys' Club /Maria Aspan, Emma Hinchliffe -- Insulin's deadly cost / Geoff Colvin
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