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Reactions-Número Mayo 2000


Publicação: Reactions

Número: Número Mayo 2000

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New opportunity still offers threats: foreign insurers are relieved that the Indian government is lowering its strict entry requirements
Insurers push to close tax loophole: a war of words has broken out between insurers in the US over a perceived tax loophole that is being used by some insurers to transfer risk to Bermuda to avoid US taxes
The Zurich money man: Günter Gose
The biggest e-start-up the world has ever seen: Zurich Financial Services will spend $1bn on an e-commerce strategy
Choosing the right road: brokersndwindling returns from traditional brokerage have forced them to look again at their business
Knowledge profits Renaissance: 1999 was a terrible year for many reinsurers
Judgement but no appeal: rating agencies have become an extremely powerful force in the insurance industry
The $10bn gambler: Kees Storm is a compulsive gambler who has made Aegon one of the worldns largest insurers
Sculpting the future of risk: encouraged by the success of computerised catastrophe modelling, risk assessment technology is now tackling individual projects
Weapons to fight virtual crime: insurance companies have joined the war against crime on the internet
Lightening the load of costs: as boundaries between the financial services blur, banks are becoming increasingly involved in insurance
The S&P top 150
In the wake of the storm: the collapse of the Unicover Managers workers compensation reinsurance pool has cost the life insurance and reinsurance industries billions of dollars
A new lease of life: life reassurers have been forced to reinvent themselves; they are now offering a range of innovative products
Turbulence guaranteed: financial guarantee was once seen as a safe, if unspectacular, niche
Right place, wrong time: exchange-traded insurance derivatives were touted as the next big thing in alternative risk transfer
New software is hard taskmaster: the Danish insurance regulator has designed an innovative computer-based system that monitors the security of reinsurance coverage bought by domestic companies
Sculpting a new face for the market: investment banks have enjoyed record levels of M&A activity from the insurance industry in recent years
The gamble for capital: demutualisation has become a growing obsession for life insurers in the US and Canada
Fresh ammunition for insurers in UK tax war: the UK governmentns plans to force a insurers to discount their reserves has sparked a furore among UK insurers
Licence to enter the forbidden cities: China is on the verge of joining the World Trade Organisation, which means more than a billion potential new customers for foreign insurers
Talking your way into the dragonns lair: China is oppening its doors and the rest of the world is keen to get inside
Rising sun moves west: the Japanese market has been in turnmoil since the deregulation reforms were introduced two years ago
No-win situation for the industry: for some US insurers, the year 2000 problem did happen
Stocks you win, bonds you lose: reinsurers desperately needed good investment results last year when underwriting losses were among the worst ever
More upheaven in Lime Street: withdrawals and consolidation in the Lloydns market are being driven by the exasperation of investors and the new get-tough attitude of the Lloydns governing bodies