A Comment on the role of the industry : The Geneva Association : credit crisis and insurance

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<subfield code="a">Liedtke, Patrick M.</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">A Comment on the role of the industry</subfield>
<subfield code="b"> : The Geneva Association : credit crisis and insurance</subfield>
<subfield code="c">Patrick M. Liedtke</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Last year, when some banks and financial guarantors began running into severe shortages of liquidity. The Geneva Association wondered about the risks that this financial crisis might pose to the insurance industry. In January 2008, the Association started to discuss the issue with this members and several experts. In this edited article wich was first published on The Geneva Association's website, Secretary General and Managing Director of The Geneva Association, tells us what they found out and also notes that while the crisis is creating havoc in the world economy, most insurers have been resilient</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Seguro de crédito</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Crisis financiera</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Interrupción de negocio</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Garantías</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Perspectivas del seguro</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">The Geneva Association</subfield>
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<subfield code="t">Asia insurance review</subfield>
<subfield code="d">Singapore : Ins Communications Pte Ltd., 2009-</subfield>
<subfield code="x">0218-2696</subfield>
<subfield code="g">Número January 2009, p. 86-87</subfield>