Be a snowbird but watch out for tax

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Título: Be a snowbird but watch out for tax / Brendan Harper

Notas: Sumario: We call this the "snowbird effect", like the birds flying south for winter, more people spend their working lives in the industrialised (and cold!) north, and then retire to the more sedate and warmer environment in the south. And in Asia, it looks like this trend is increasingly repeated. More people in Asia are choosing the Southern regions for retirement, attracted by less onerous visa requirements, more freedom to purchase property an a more pleasant environment. The most popular retirement destinations in Asia are Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Whilst planning for retirement, many people overlook taxation in their new country of residence, which can be a dangerous omission. Failure to consider how your pension and investment income is taxed in these countries could affect your quality of life, as you will have less money to live on

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