The Noise-vibration problem-solution workbook

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Título: The Noise-vibration problem-solution workbook / Larry H. Royster, Julia Doswell RoysterAutor: Royster, Larry H.
Publicación: Virginia : American Industrial Hygiene Association, 2002Descripción física: pág. var. ; 28 cm.Notas: Fondo donado por el Sr. Enrique González Fernández, del INSHTSumario: Background information, importance of our hearing sense -- Physics of sound and vibration -- Sound and vibration measurement: instrumentation, noise and vibration descriptors -- Anatomy and phisiology, and auditory and nonauditory effects of noise exposure and the effects of vibration exposure -- (Hearing Conservation Programs, HCPs) Program overview and administration -- Noise surveys and data analysis -- education and motivation -- Noise and vibration control -- Hearing protection devices -- Audiometric monitoring phase of the HCP -- Evaluation hearing conservation program effectiveness -- Room noise criteria -- Speech communications aand signal detection in noise -- Community noise -- Standards and regulations -- Predcting hearing characteristics due to noise exposure -- Worker's compensation -- Appendix I. Department of labor ocupational noise exposure standard -- Appendix II. Special open-ended problems -- Appendix III. Properties of materials and engineering conversions -- Appendix IV. Rules of thumb reference sheet -- Appendix V. A partial listing of selected equations used in this workbook -- Appendix VI. Selected reference sourcesMateria / lugar / evento: Nivel de ruido Control del ruido Contaminantes físicos Medición del ruido Higiene industrial Otros autores: Royster, Julia Doswell
Otras clasificaciones: 872Números normalizados: ISBN 1-931504-27-X
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