MP3 players and traffic safety : "state of the art"

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Título: MP3 players and traffic safety : "state of the art" / U. Meesmann, S. Boets, M. TantAutor: Meesmann, U.
Publicación: Brussels : Belgian Road Safety Observatory, 2009Notas: Sumario: The analysis of the scientific literature on MP3 players and traffic safety can be summarized as follows: The effects of MP3 players on traffic safety is a very complex phenomenon, covering the manual handling, listening to music and auditory limitations which all in themselves again contain several forms of distraction (e.g. visual-; auditory-; biomechanical (physical) - and cognitive distractionMateria / lugar / evento: Seguridad vial Prevención de accidentes Accidentes de tráfico Distracción Aparatos de música Cognición MP3 Bélgica Otros autores: Boets, S.
Tant, M.
Belgian Road Safety Institute
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