Cotton dust : controlling an occupational health hazard

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Título: Cotton dust : controlling an occupational health hazard / Joseph G. Montalvo Jr.Autor: Montalvo, Joseph G.
Publicación: Washington : American Chemical Society, 1982Descripción física: 341 p. ; 23 cm.Notas: Fondo donado por el Sr. Enrique González Fernández, del INSHT.Sumario: Preface -- A Historical perspective on cotton dust in the United States textile industry -- Technology for pre-textile cotton cleaning -- Dust in cotton gins: an overview -- Washing methods for cotton. effects on fiber, processing, qualities, and dust generation -- Measurement of dust-release potential of cotton -- Cotton trash and dust contents and airborne dust concentration: feasibility of predicting by nondestructive light reflectance -- A standardized method for vertical elutrator cotton dust sampling -- Procedures for the determination of humidifier contributions to respirable dust levels in the workplace -- Real time mesurement of particle size distribution of airborne cotton dust by light scattering -- Mechanism byssinosis: a review -- Etiologic agents and patogenic mechanisms in the actue byssinotic reaction -- Cotton bract ad acute airway constriction in humans -- Cotton dust exposure and chronic respiratory impairment: an epidemiological controversy -- Some possible relation so fungi in cotton fiber to byssionsis -- The relation of microorganisms and microbial products to cotton -- Botanical trash and gram-negative bacterial contents of materials utilized by the cotton industry -- Analysis of antigens in cotton dust by immunological methods -- Secondary metabolities of gossypium: a biogenetic analysis -- Histamine in cotton plants and dust determined by high performance liquid chromatography -- Analyses of the inorganic content of cotton dust: a reviewMateria / lugar / evento: Higiene industrial Productos químicos Partículas ambientales Contaminantes del aire Algodón Polvo de algodón Otros autores: American Chemical Society
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