Banking and insurance cloud usage, risk perceptions, and decision-makers

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Título: Banking and insurance cloud usage, risk perceptions, and decision-makers / Ellen CarneyAutor: Carney, Ellen
Publicación: Cambridge : Forrester Research, 2009Notas: From: Enterprise And SMB Hardware Survey, North America And Europe, Q3 2009Sumario: Private cloud is a priority in the coming year for nearly one-third of bankers, but public cloud computing and storage are priorities for few -- Few insurers are ascribing significant priorities for private cloud and cloud computing and storage -- Little experience and a lot of interest, but not much planning, when it comes to adoption of cloud computing for either industry -- Banks report even less interest in cloud storage, while nearly half of insurers are interested but have no plans to do anything -- For banks, weak value proposition cant overcome security issues; insurers doubt security, performance, access, and availability -- Bank CIOs authorize budget and purchase, but app owners and other IT decision-makers build the business case -- Nearly three-quarters of other insurance IT roles are involved in defining requirements and picking the vendor Materia / lugar / evento: Entidades financieras Empresas de seguros Banca Encuestas Percepción del riesgo Planificación estratégica Toma de decisiones Proveedores de servicios informáticos Otros autores: Forrester
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