Monitoring toxic substances

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Título: Monitoring toxic substances / Dennis Schuetzle, editor
Publicación: Washington, D.C. : American Chemical Society, 1979Descripción física: XI, 289 p. ; 23 cm.Serie: (ACS Symposium Series ; 94)Notas: Fondo donado por el Sr. Enrique González Fernández, del INSHTEn port.: Based on a symposium sponsored by the ACS Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry at the 174th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Chicago, Illionois, August 31, 1977Sumario: The detection and hazards of environmental carcinogens/mutagens -- Human lymphoblasts: versatile indicator caells for any forms of chemically induced genetic damage -- A phased approach for characterization of multimedia discharges from processes -- The identification and measurement of volatile organic compounds in aqueous environmental samples -- Potentially toxic organic compounds in industrial wastewater: two case studies -- Adsorbent accumulation of organic pollutnts for bioassays -- trace metal monitoring by atomic absorption spectrometry -- Determination of trace inorganic toxic substances by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy -- Surface microanalytical techniques for the chemical characterization of atmospheric particulates -- Fourier transform infrared analysis of trace gases in the atmosphere -- Opto-acoustic spectroscopy applied to the detection of gaseous pollutants -- Selective ionization and computer techniques for the mass spectrometric analysis of air pollutants -- Sampling and analysis for semivolatile brominated organics in ambient air -- Ion chromatographic analysis of the trace ions in environmental samples -- N-Nitroso compounds in the workplace -- Use of the NIH-EPA chemical information system in support of the toxic substances control actMateria / lugar / evento: Sustancias tóxicas y peligrosas Nitratos Contaminantes químicos Higiene industrial Otros autores: Schuetzle, Dennis
American Chemical Society
Serie secundaria: ACS Symposium Series ; 94 Otras clasificaciones: 872Números normalizados: ISBN 0-8412-0480-2
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