Supply-chain recovery in coronavirus times : plan for now and the future

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Título: Supply-chain recovery in coronavirus times : plan for now and the future / Knut Alicke, Xavier Azcue, Edward BarriballAutor: Alicke, Knut
Publicación: New York : McKinsey & Company, 2020Descripción física: 8 p.Notas: Even as the immediate toll on human health from the spread of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which causes the COVID-19 disease, mounts, the economic effects of the crisisand the livelihoods at stakeare coming into sharp focus. Businesses must respond on multiple fronts at once: at the same time that they work to protect their workers' safety, they must also safeguard their operational viability, now increasingly under strain from a historic supplychain shock. Many businesses are able to mobilize rapidly and set up crisis-management mechanisms, ideally in the form of a nerve center. The typical focus is naturally short term. How can supply-chain leaders also prepare for the medium and long termsand build the resilience that will see them through the other side?Materia / lugar / evento: COVID-19 Coronavirus Redes de suministro Cadena del suministro Gestión de crisis Salud pública Pandemias Gerencia de riesgos Resiliencia Planes de continuidad del negocio Otros autores: Azcue, Xavier
Barriball, Edward
McKinsey & Company
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