Is data science an existential threat for actuaries? : what the hot new career choice can tell us about our profession´s future

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<subfield code="a">Driscoll, David L.</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Is data science an existential threat for actuaries?</subfield>
<subfield code="b">: what the hot new career choice can tell us about our profession´s future</subfield>
<subfield code="c">David L. Driscoll</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">The actuaries are almost certainly smart enough to achieve a mastery of the skills needed to survive and prosper in a abor market marked by constant changes in technology and culture.The manner in which they respond to the rise of data science as a discipline and as a profession will tell us a lot about whether this is so</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Big data</subfield>
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<subfield code="t">Contingencies : American Academy of Actuaries</subfield>
<subfield code="d">Washington : American Academy of Actuaries, 2019-</subfield>
<subfield code="g">01/01/2020 January-February 2020 , p. 10-13</subfield>