Blockchain : making waves: can AI help the crisis in marine?

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Título: Blockchain : making waves: can AI help the crisis in marine?
Notas: Sumario: Outdated static rating factors and underwriting losses mean the marine market is ripe for disruption. Technology, including, blockchain is set to shake up the sector. Marine insurance is not the first market that springs to mind when thinking of technology innovation. In the three centuries since Edward Lloyd opened his coffee house on Tower Street, London, in 1686, the rating factors used to price marine risks have changed remarkably little. Senior underwriters with many years' experience are revered as semideities in the market, and there remains a mystique around the dark arts of evaluating and pricing marine risks.Registros relacionados: En: Insurance post. - London : Infopro Digital Insurance Information. - 3 de april 2020 ; 8 p.Materia / lugar / evento: Blockchain Inteligencia artificial Seguro marítimo Sector marítimo Innovación Mercado de seguros Plataformas digitales Autores secundarios: Insurance Post
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