The Problem solver : the past, present and future of life insurance securitisations

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24514‎$a‎The Problem solver‎$b‎: the past, present and future of life insurance securitisations‎$c‎Adam Robinson, Luca Tres
520  ‎$a‎Life insurance linked securitisation (life ILS) is the packaging of life insurance risks and passing them to the capital markets. However, beyond this simple defi nition, what exactly is it? Unlike the developed yet standardised role that non-life ILS has played in non-life insurers' peak risk transfer (such as catastrophe bonds), life ILS has long resisted being shoehorned into an easy-to-defi ne yet single-purpose off ering. This lack of standardisation is actually life ILS' greatest strength when considering it as a tool for risk, liquidity and capital management purposes. Whenever insurers have faced new problems caused by regulatory, reporting or demographic changes, life ILS funds have had the capacity to provide solutions.
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