Breaching digital risks

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      <subfield code="a">Cohen-Ifrah, Yaffa</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Breaching digital risks</subfield>
      <subfield code="c">Yaffa Cohen-Ifrah</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">As rapid digitisation and data collection comes to define the modern economy, the issue of cybersecurity has come to the fore, with a new breed of innovative software companies marketing their security solutions to enterprises, small and medium businesses and ordinary citizens keen on protecting their assets. However, the cybersecurity industry took root in a very different world to the one we live in now. The magnitude of our cyber vulnerabilities has soared in tandem with the sheer volume of data and assets that now exist in cyberspace. This has given rise to an entirely new market  one designed to better gauge risks and utilise cyber best practices.</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Ciberriesgos</subfield>
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      <subfield code="0">MAPA20170003779</subfield>
      <subfield code="a">Seguro de ciberriesgos</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Digitalización</subfield>
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      <subfield code="0">MAPA20170006503</subfield>
      <subfield code="a">Transformación digital</subfield>
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      <subfield code="0">MAPA20140022700</subfield>
      <subfield code="a">Ciberseguridad</subfield>
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      <subfield code="0">MAPA20080586294</subfield>
      <subfield code="a">Mercado de seguros</subfield>
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      <subfield code="w">MAP20200013259</subfield>
      <subfield code="t">The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries</subfield>
      <subfield code="d">London :  Redactive Publishing, 2019-</subfield>
      <subfield code="g">02/12/2019 Número 11 - december 2019 , p. 30</subfield>