Pandemic property loss prevention

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Título: Pandemic property loss prevention
Publicación: Rhode Island : FM Global, 2020Descripción física: 3 p. Notas: Sumario: A pandemic is an epidemic that occurs over a wide geographical area, affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population. Governments around the world are taking steps to prepare for, and respond to, a pandemic. Your local government will provide advance warning to those areas that likely will be exposed to an impending pandemic. The warning levels, and safety measures applied at each level, will differ from country, You should become familiar with the local government plan for your area. This document provides a property loss prevention focus for facilities that are experiencing a pandemic event. Employee absenteeism or disrupcion to public infrastructure may result in reduced operations or and idle facility. Property loss prevention controls during these conditions may reduce the likelihood of property damage to your facility, helping to ensure that site operations return to normal as soon as possible.Materia / lugar / evento: Pandemias Daño material Gestión de crisis Planes de emergencia Prevención de riesgos Otros autores: FM Global
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