CES 2020: key trends

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Título: CES 2020: key trends / Emily Safian-DemersAutor: Safian-Demers, Emily
Publicación: New York : Wunderman Thomson Company, 2020Notas: Sumario: This year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there was a shift in the language used by technology companies to reflect a much more human-centric approachindicating an important evolution in the tech world. Especially as the negative influences of tech are being put under the microscope, new products are being positioned as wellness solutions and living organisms, conforming tech to the human body and human needsrather than the other way aroundMateria / lugar / evento: Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (January 2020: Las Vegas) Ingeniería electrónica Tendencias Hombre-máquina Biomecánica Congresos Otros autores: Wunderman Thompson Intelligence
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