Modelling minds

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Título: Modelling minds / Geoff TrickeyAutor: Trickey, Geoff
Notas: Sumario: The events of recent weeks are unprecedented, and the disruption to our routines is profound. People experience risk, react to it and make decisions in different ways, and risk dispositions vary from person to person. COVID-19 manifests with different degrees of severity, but the risk is something we must all deal with. Individual risk dispositions reflect an interaction between our emotions and the way we make sense of our world. Both are fundamental to decision-making and behaviour. In terms of emotionality, we range from those who experience the world as treacherous and threatening, to those that are emotionally unresponsive and see danger as just another problem to be dealt with. In terms of cognition, people vary from one extreme those who need to resolve uncertainties about their world for things to add up to the other extreme, those who revel in uncertainty and ambiguity, probing and unwrapping established ideas in the hope of discovering new and exciting opportunities. The Risk Type Compass is a psychometric personality assessment that models the ways we cope with risk.Registros relacionados: En: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries. - London : Redactive Publishing, 2019-. - 01/05/2020 Número 4 - mayo 2020 , p. 20-21Materia / lugar / evento: COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemias Gerencia de riesgos Riesgos emergentes Modelo psicométrico Otras clasificaciones: 6
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