Turning the tables

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Título: Turning the tables / Chris LewinAutor: Lewin, Chris
Notas: Sumario: Compound interest, one of the foundation stones of actuarial science, has a long history. One writer has suggested it may have originated from people lending a herd to a neighbour for several years and finding it had become more numerous when returned. Compounding for loans lasting more than a year was known in ancient Rome; Cicero wrote to a friend in 50BCE, I had succeeded in arranging that they should pay with interest for six years at the rate of 12%, and added yearly to the capital sum. In medieval times, much borrowing was for months rather than years, so compounding usually did not arise.Registros relacionados: En: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries. - London : Redactive Publishing, 2019-. - 01/05/2020 Número 4 - mayo 2020 , p. 28-29Materia / lugar / evento: Tasas de interés Matemática del seguro Cálculo actuarial Modelos actuariales Otras clasificaciones: 6
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