Climate change, state stability and sovereign credit risk

Climate change, state stability and sovereign credit risk
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Título: Climate change, state stability and sovereign credit risk / Lawrence HabahbehAutor: Habahbeh, Lawrence
Notas: Sumario: There is a growing mass of compelling evidence that indicates climate change has direct and indirect linkages to State stability and the rate and scale of climate change will increase over time. In a 2007 report by the CNA Military Advisory Board, they identified climate change as a threat multiplier, recognizing that climate change can exacerbate political instability, where food, water, and resource shortages already exist often in the world's most dangerous and fragile regions. Climate change acting as a threat multiplier amplifies existing risks by exacerbating stressors on the critical resources underpinning state sovereignty and national security, including water, energy, food, and employment, which can degrade a nation's capacity to govern, and contribute to a wide range of destabilizing trends. As a result, it increases the likelihood of State failure and disruption leading to an increased likelihood of conflict and war.Registros relacionados: En: Actuarios. - Madrid : Instituto de Actuarios Españoles, 1990. - 01/05/2020 Número 46 - primavera 2020 , p. 26-27Materia / lugar / evento: Cambio climático Riesgo crediticio Evaluación de riesgos Estabilidad Análisis de riesgos Otras clasificaciones: 921
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