Reopening cities after COVID-19

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Título: Reopening cities after COVID-19 / Dmitry Chechulin, Leonid Melnikov, Vadim PokotiloAutor: Chechulin, Dmitry
Publicación: New York : McKinsey & Company, 2020Descripción física: 8 p.Serie: (Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure Practice)Notas: Sumario: Cities are at the center of global economic activity. They have also been hubs for the spread of COVID-19. City governments have had to shoulder a large share of the fight against the virus. Many have acted decisively to curb its spread and to lower infection levels. They have restricted the movements of citizens, put in place the resources to quickly diagnose and manage the sick, and improved hygiene and safety in public places. The success of these measures, in place for months, has been accompanied by inevitable negative effects on the economy and social activity (such as education). The pressure to reopen has mounted, and in some cities early attempts to do so resulted in flare-ups of COVID-19. The balance between protecting public health and restoring the economy is now absorbing the attention of municipal authorities everywhere.Materia / lugar / evento: COVID-19 Pandemias Continuidad de negocio Impacto económico Medidas de seguridad Planes de actuación Gestión de crisis Riesgo sanitario Proteccion de personas Otros autores: Melnikov, Leonid
Pokotilo, Vadim
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