Machine intelligence in insurance : insights for end-to-end enterprise

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Título: Machine intelligence in insurance : insights for end-to-end enterprise / Jonathan Anchen, Jeffrey Bohn, Rajeev SharanAutor: Anchen, Jonathan
Publicación: Zurich : Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd., 2020Descripción física: 32 p.Serie: (Sigma ; 5)Notas: Sumario: Machine intelligence (MI) permeates many industries, bringing significant revenue creation and cost savings potential. To date in insurance, MI has yielded returns in areas such as customer analytics and claims processing, based mostly on machine learning (ML) technology. The scope for industry gain is farther reaching. Among others, MI can help insurers more efficiently process text from contracts, documents, email and other online communications tools, and to analyse the massive data sets becoming available from the digital economy and accumulated from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Insurers can use this information to better design, price and distribute protection covers, and extend their reach into new markets.Sumario: Executive summary -- Machine intelligence: establishing a common understanding -- Machine-intelligence system implementation -- Machine intelligence in insurance -- Progressing enterprisescale deployment -- ConclusionRegistros relacionados: Traducido bajo el título: Anchen, Jonathan. La Inteligencia mecanizada en los seguros : nociones para una transformación integral del negocioMateria / lugar / evento: Inteligencia artificial Mercado de seguros Digitalización Perspectivas del seguro Automatización Internet de las cosas Coberturas Otros autores: Bohn, Jeffrey
Sharan, Rajeev
Swiss Reinsurance Company
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