Fortune. August/September 2020

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Título: Fortune. August/September 2020
Contiene: Why global business inspires great innovations / Clifton Leaf - MARK SCHNEIDER: The CEO of Nestlé talks about leading the world's largest food company through a global crisis -- Losing Connection: what's missing when we work from home / Geoff Colvin - It's time to hire a chief health officer / Eirka Fry - This tiny bank punched way above its weight in PPP Lending / Jen Wieczner -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Walks a Trade War Tightrope / Eamon Barrett -- An Electric Revolution Is Coming to American Trucking / David Z. Morris -- Reimagining the Office for the Pandemic Era / Brian O'Keefe, Nicolas Rapp -- Real Estate Heads for Gain-Then Pain / Shawn Tully -- How Two Beatniks From the Bronx Created a Luxe Jewelry Line / As Told to Dinah Eng -- Fewer, Finer: These Menswear Brands Prove That Sustainability Is Always in Style / Emilie Hawtin -- Making the Most of Their Workforce: The Top Firms in Profitsper Employee / Brian O'Keefe, Nicolas Rapp - Special report: The Global 500 Registros relacionados: En: Fortune. - Amsterdam : Time Warner Publishing, 1999- = ISSN 0738-5587. - 01/09/2020 Volumen 182 Número 1 - agosto/septiembre 2020 , 160 p.Materia / lugar / evento: Crisis económica Ranking Multinacionales Industrias Análisis de riesgos COVID-19 Pandemias Otras clasificaciones: 922
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