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Contiene: London reboot / Mark Richardson -- Pool Re a holding companyfor Pandemic Re? / Garry Booth -- The Blame game / Mark Richardson -- Howthe 'big four' may fare / Mark Richardson -- Betting the house / Shawn Moynihan -- M&A? Not so fast / Mark Richardson -- Hardmarket on theway? / Marc Jones -- Heating up / Shawn Moynihan -- London Market in Focus: Evolutionary Theory: Talent keeps London at the top /Mark Richardson; Solvency, too / Mark Richardson; London digitisation: Nearly there? / Mark Richardson; Lloyd's gets SIAB boost / Mark Richardson; MGA market faces COVID-19 capital hole / Mark Richardson; Silent cyber no longer silent?; Leveraging lessons / Mark Richardson; Innovation is Ki / Mark Richardson; WINning strategy / Mark Richardson -- CAT insurance: solutions for weathering the storms -- The Perfect Storm / Shawn Moynihan -- Adjusting amid the pandemic -- The Great Leveler: How advanced data can help insurers tackle the complexities of flood on both si des of the Atlantic / Arno Hilberts, Steffi Uhlemann-Eimer -- How COVID-19 will change the insurance industry: Insurance after COVID-19 / Garry Booth; Dealing with BI backlash; The reinsurer's pandemic conundrum; Steadying the asset ballast; A risk management framework for less liquid assets; Public/private risk sharing a panacea for future outbreaks; London market: redefining resilience; Office life after lockdown -- How European insurance regulators are responding to climate risk -- Pandemic paralysis / Shawn Moynihan -- Captives in the age of COVID / Marc Jones -- New approaches needed for cyber risk -- Breaking the (supply) chain / Shawn Moynihan -- Howthe Covid-19 pandemic can spur green-bond investing -- Connecting the dots / Marc Jones -- Latin America: the COVID wild card / Shawn Moynihan -- Position of strength -- COVID-19 Impacts in Other Sectors Can Infect the Insurance Industry

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