Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial. Nº 63 - junio 2019

Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial. Nº 63 - junio 2019
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Título: Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial. Nº 63 - junio 2019
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Contiene: Effects of dynamic variable - value ordering heuristics on the search space of sudoku modeled as a constraint satisfaction problem / James L. Cox, Stephen Lucci, Tayfun Pay -- Stereo matching through squeeze deep neural networks / Gabriel D. Caffaratti, Martin G. Marchetta, and Raymundo Q. Forradellas -- Intelligent classification of supernovae using artificial neural networks / Francisca Joamila Brito do Nascimento, Luis Ricardo Arantes Filho, Lamartine Nogueira Frutuoso Guimarães -- A flexible supervised term-weighting technique and its application to variable extraction and information retrieval / Mariano Maisonnave[Et al.] -- An experimental study on feature engineering and learning approaches for aggression detection in social media / Antonela Tommasel, Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Daniela Godoy -- Hand vein biometric recognition Approaches based on wavelet, SVM, artificial neural network and image registration / Daniel Felix de Brito, Lee Luan Ling -- Users activity gesture recognition on kinect sensor using convolutional neural networks and FastDTW for controlling movements of a mobile robot / Miguel Pfitscher[Et al.] -- The importance of context-dependent learning in negotiation agents / Dan Ezequiel Kröhling, Omar Chiotti, and Ernesto Martínez -- Genetic Algorithms for Satellite Launcher Attitude Controller Design / Paulo R. Silva -- Hybrid adaptive computational intelligence-based multisensor data fusion applied to real-time UAV autonomous navigation / Ângelo de Carvalho Paulino, Lamartine Nogueira Frutuoso Guimarães, Elcio Hideiti ShiguemoriRegistros relacionados: En: Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial. - IBERAMIA, Sociedad Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial , 2018- = ISSN 1988-3064. - 28/06/2019 Volumen 22 Número 63 - junio 2019 , 195 p.Materia / lugar / evento: Inteligencia artificial Redes neuronales artificiales Redes sociales Algoritmos Vehículos autónomos Otras clasificaciones: 922.134
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