New reality for insurance : global insurance macro themes

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Título: New reality for insurance : global insurance macro themes
Publicación: Amstelveen : KPMG International, 2020Descripción física: 10 p.Notas: Sumario: The insurance industry must face a new reality. This has been highlighted by the experts at KPMG, who focus on a four-phase framework: Reaction, Resilience, Recovery and New Reality. Individual insurers are at different stages of the journey, although most of them are currently in Stage 2 (Endurance) or Stage 3 (Recovery). This varies based on several factors: geography, insurance business line, and also how far an organization has come on its journey to digitization.The goal should be to achieve sustained resilience in the face of uncertainty. They have identified seven of those issues that are especially relevant to insurers and to which they must respond fundamentally in order to thrive in the new reality: 1. Digital First, Digital Now, 2. The age of biology, 3. The new workforce of reality, 4.Ambidextrous business models, 5. Building financial resilience,
6. Climate change, 7. The imperative of innovation
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