No risks are uninsurable

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520  ‎$a‎How will reinsurance shape up post-pandemic, especially in emerging markets? Asia Insurance Review spoke with Korean Re's Messrs Woo Jeong Jeon, Hang-Yoon Shinand Jun-Kyun Na for a perspective of what reinsurers should be expecting in the near future.
650 4‎$0‎MAPA20080602529‎$a‎Mercado de reaseguros
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650 4‎$0‎MAPA20080611880‎$a‎Perspectivas del seguro
650 4‎$0‎MAPA20080591922‎$a‎Mercados emergentes
7730 ‎$w‎MAP20090003767‎$t‎Asia insurance review‎$d‎Singapore : Ins Communications Pte Ltd., 2009-‎$x‎0218-2696‎$g‎02/11/2020 Número 11 - noviembre 2020 , p. 62-63