A Unique time for chief risk officers in insurance

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Título: A Unique time for chief risk officers in insurance / Kevin Buehler...[Et. al]
Publicación: New York : McKinsey & Company, 2020Descripción física: 8 p.Serie: (Risk Practice)Notas: Sumario: As COVID-19 continues to threaten lives, communities, and industries around the world, insurers face profound disruptions. Uncertainty abounds. No one knows when the crisis will truly end, when safe vaccines will be used at scale, or whether they will stop the pandemic for good. Its ultimate impact on public health and the global economy will be measured in the months and years to come. Underwriters are struggling to calculate their exposure to pandemic-generated vulnerabilities. Economists are trying to anticipate the direct and indirect impact of massive new government debt. Managers are wondering how long people can work productively from home and maintain healthy organizational and risk cultures. And in a longlasting low-interest-rate environment, strategists and product leaders are contemplating future insurance solutionsincluding publicprivate insurance partnershipsthat would enable insurers to remain relevant to their customers.Materia / lugar / evento: Gerencia de riesgos Chief Risk Officer COVID-19 Pandemias Vulnerabilidad Riesgos emergentes Planes estrátegicos Mercado de seguros Otros autores: Buehler, Kevin
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