Cars CO2 review : Europe's chance to win the emobility race

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Título: Cars CO2 review : Europe's chance to win the emobility race
Publicación: Brussels : Transport & Environment, 2021Descripción física: 23 p.Notas: Sumario: Following the entry into force of the 2020/21 EU car CO2 target of 95 g/km, sales of electric cars (EVs) have surged beyond even the most optimistic forecasts. EV sales reached over 10% in 2020 and are expected to hit 15% in 2021. This shows that once carmakers supply adequate models and market these effectively, consumers and companies alike are happy to purchase them. The current car CO2 targets have brought much investment into the automotive transition, including creating a market for dozens of battery gigafactories across Europe. Today it is not just a climate law, but a modern-day industrial policy.Materia / lugar / evento: Automóviles Vehículos eléctricos Emisiones de CO2 Sector automoción Industria automovilística Motores eléctricos Vehículos de motor Otros autores: Transport & Environment
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