Irrationally yours and introductions to logical fallacies

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Título: Irrationally yours and introductions to logical fallacies / Carlos FuentesAutor: Fuentes, Carlos
Notas: Sumario: I believe logical flaws ad cognitive biases plague our thinking in part because we are genetically programmed to justify beliefs with emotions. Emotions are evolutionary adaptive tools like fear, happiness, hunger, sweating, and walking on two legs. Emotions are the catalysts of actions that allowed our species to survive when acting on impulse was the di erence between life and death. No doubt in the early history of our species there were countless cases where impulse led to erroneous actions, but false negatives were a fair price to pay for staying alive. Registros relacionados: En: Contingencies : American Academy of Actuaries. - Washington : American Academy of Actuaries, 2019-. - 01/03/2021 march-april 2021 , p. 10-15Materia / lugar / evento: Emociones Evolución científica Neuropsicología Computación cognitiva Otras clasificaciones: 922.3
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