5G and Insurance. A Match for the Ages

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Título: 5G and Insurance. A Match for the Ages / Srivathsan Karanai MarganAutor: Karanai Margan, Srivathsan
Notas: Sumario: The first generation (1G) of wireless network technology began the dissemination of mobile phones in the 1980s with analog voice calling. The second (2G) and third generation (3G) came in the next decades, introducing the age of multimedia messaging and mobile internet respectively. The fourth generation (4G) that is currently prevalent has changed the scope of how people use their mobile phones. It charted a new era of digital connectedness with high-definition streaming. These technologies have progressively spearheaded a multi-sided data-driven economy by exponentially increasing the surge in data traffic among industries and consumers. Over the years, the way people communicate, connect, transact, and consume has changed drastically. Registros relacionados: En: Contingencies : American Academy of Actuaries. - Washington : American Academy of Actuaries, 2019-. - 01/03/2021 march-april 2021 , p. 28-33Materia / lugar / evento: 5G Impactos Mercado de seguros Nuevas tecnologías Data driven Otras clasificaciones: 219
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