Fundación MAPFRE magazine nº 55. June 2021 (English)

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<title>Fundación MAPFRE magazine nº 55. June 2021 (English)</title>
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<abstract>IN FIRST PERSON ADELA CORTINA We speak to Adela Cortina, an Emeritus Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia, about the "rejuvenation" of our societies. - ART ART FOR ALL Our exhibitions open to the world. -- MIRÓ POEM. PAINTING WITH WORDS This exhibit can be visited at Fundación MAPFRE's Recoletos Hall in Madrid from June 3 through August 29, 2021. -- BILL BRANDT Following its run in Barcelona, our Recoletos Hall in Madrid is hosting this Bill Brandt retrospective through August 29, 2021. -- GARRY WINOGRAND, PHOTOGRAPHY AND LIFE From June 11 through September 5, 2021 the exhibition dedicated to this American street photographer can be visited at Fundación MAPFRE's KBr Photography Center (Barcelona). - NICHOLAS NIXON. THE BROWN SISTERS. FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE COLLECTIONS From June 11 through September 5, 2021 the exhibition dedicated to the series The Brown Sisters by photographer Nicholas Nixon can be visited at the Espai 2 of the KBr Fundación MAPFRE Photography Center (Barcelona). - COMMITTED THE "OTHER PANDEMIC" THAT IS RAVAGING LATIN AMERICA Fundación MAPFRE boosts its aid package for Latin America by ten million euros. -- PROFESSIONALS AND MORE Begoña Ontiveros, flight director and volunteer with ASF (Aviation Without Borders). - HEALTH WATCH ANALYZING THE FOOD SUPPLEMENT BOOM The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics drafted a comprehensive study for Fundación MAPFRE in which they analyzed the causes of this ever-growing phenomenon. -- ROAD SAFETY SAFER MOTORCYCLISTS Recommendations to put a stop to the high accident figures for motorcycles. -- INSURANCE CULTURE AN ESCAPE ROOM PEOPLE GET OUT OF BETTER TRAINED We tell you all about FINEXIT, the innovative 'alternative' educational initiative for vocational training students. -- COMMITTED/FMG The maritime port sector, hope for the Canary Islands -- SOCIAL INNOVATION WHEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP ENTAILS SAVING THE WORLD We present the winners of the fourth edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards. </abstract>
<topic>Seguridad vial</topic>
<topic>Innovación social</topic>
<topic>Cultura aseguradora</topic>
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<title>La Fundación : revista de Fundación MAPFRE</title>
<publisher>Madrid : Fundación MAPFRE, 2008-</publisher>
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<text>21/06/2021 Número 55 - junio Año 2021 , 68 p.</text>
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