Fotune. August/september 2021

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Título: Fotune. August/september 2021

Contiene: Three myths about inflation / Shawn Tully - The four-day workweek: will your company give it a try? / Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez - The car charging war powers up / Adrian Croft - Fostering trust at great places at work / Amena Saad - Crypto's rise fuels a new addiction / Zara Stone - Whih IPOs reward investors? / Sawn Tully -- Special report: the crypto economy -- Crypto at a turning point / Matt Heimer - Defi: move fast and bank things / Robert Hackett - All work and all play / Nicole Goodkind - The Global 500 - Global trade's new playbook / Geoff Colvin - Coming through when the chips are down / Eamon Barrett - Entertaining the "New Saudi" / Vivienne Walt

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