Car accidents in the age of robots

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Título: Car accidents in the age of robots / Alessandro De Chiara... [et al.]
Descripción física: 14 p.Notas: Sumario: In this paper, the authors compare liability rules in a world where human-driven and fully-autonomous cars coexist. We develop a model where a manufacturer can invest to improve the safety of autonomous cars. Human drivers may decide to purchase a fully-autonomous car to save precaution costs to avoid road accidents and shift liability to the car manufacturer. As compared to the negligence rule, a strict liability regime on both human drivers and car manufacturers is proved to be a superior policy. In particular, strict liability leads to more efficient R&D investments to enhance the benefits of the technology and favors the adoption of fully-autonomous cars. They also recommend that users of fully-autonomous cars make a technology-dependent payment to a third-party if there is an accident to discipline their activity levelsRegistros relacionados: En: International Review of Law and Economics.- Oxford : Elsevier. - nº 68, September 2021Materia / lugar / evento: Accidentes de tráfico Responsabilidad civil Vehículos autónomos Vehículos de motor Fabricantes Desarrollo tecnológico Seguro de automóviles Otros autores: Chiara, Alessandro de
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