Social network ties before and after retirement: a cohort study

Social network ties before and after retirement: a cohort study
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24500‎$a‎Social network ties before and after retirement: a cohort study‎$c‎M. Kauppi...[et.al.]
520  ‎$a‎Social networks are associated with individual's health and well-being. Working life offers opportunities to create and maintain social networks, while retirement may change these networks. This study examined how the number of ties in social network changes across the retirement transition. The study population consisted of 2319 participants (84% women, mean age 63.2 years) from the Finnish Retirement and Aging study. Information about social network ties, including the number of ties in the inner, middle and outer circles of the social convoy model, was gathered using annual postal surveys before and after retirement. Three repeat surveys per participant covered the retirement transition and the post-retirement periods. Mean number of network ties was 21.6 before retirement, of which 5.6 were situated in the inner, 6.9 in the middle and 9.1 in the outer circle. The number of ties in the outer circle decreased by 0.67 (95% CI?-?0.92,?-?0.42) during the retirement transition period, but not during the post-retirement period (0.11, 95% CI?-?0.33, 0.12) (interaction period * time, p?=?0.006). The pattern of change in these ties did not differ by gender, occupational status, marital status, number of chronic diseases and mental health during the retirement transition period. The number of ties in the inner and middle circles overall did not decrease during these periods. The number of peripheral relationships decreased during the retirement transition but not after that, suggesting that the observed reduction is more likely to be associated with retirement rather than aging.
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7730 ‎$w‎MAP20210024146‎$t‎European Journal of Ageing : social, behavioural and health perspectives‎$d‎Cham, Switzerland [etc.] : Springer International Publishing AG, 2021-‎$g‎01/11/2021 Volumen 18 Número 4 - 2021 , p. 503-512
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