Presenting directions with a vibrotactile torso display

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Título: Presenting directions with a vibrotactile torso display / Jan B. F. Van ErpAutor: Van Erp, Jan B. F.
Notas: Vibrotactile displays covering the torso present spatial information in an intuitive way since the stimuli are directly mapped to the body coordinates; left is left, front is front, etc. The present study investigated the direction in the horizontal plane to which a specific torso location is mapped using a 15 tactor linear display. Participants indicated the observed external direction of a localized vibration by positioning a remotely controlled cursorRegistros relacionados: En: Ergonomics. - London and Washington. - Vol. 48, nº 3, 22 February 2005 ; p. 302-313Materia / lugar / evento: Ergonomía Vibraciones Nivel de vibración Experimentos Postura Títulos secundarios: Título: Ergonomics
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