Nanotechnology : the wave of the future?

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Título: Nanotechnology : the wave of the future? / James G. ParkerAutor: Parker, James G.
Notas: Nanotechnology is poised to have tremendous economic and social impact in coming years. The new technology raises questions about worker safety and health in affected industries. Why should we care? -- Are they safe? -- Nanotech products already on shelves -- What do we know so far? -- UK-based research groups tackle nanoparticle safety issuesRegistros relacionados: En: Safety & health. - Itasca. - Vol. 171, nº 5, May 2005 ; p. 30-33Materia / lugar / evento: Nanotecnología Nuevas tecnologías Gerencia de riesgos Análisis de riesgos Investigación científica Ciencia Tecnología electrónica Factores de riesgo Títulos secundarios: Título: Safety & health
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