Enhancing the impact of ergonomics interventions

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Título: Enhancing the impact of ergonomics interventions / E. A. P. Koningsveld... [et al.]
Notas: The aim of this paper was to provide recommendations for ergonomists involved in project design and evaluation. Twelve research and consultancy projects involving ergonomics interventions in a variety of settings in The Netherlands were analysed to identify factors important to success. Projects included participatory and non-participatory cases. Eight factors were identified for successful project design and for demonstrating proyect effectivenessRegistros relacionados: En: Ergonomics. - London and Washington. - Vol. 48, nº 5, 15 April 2005 ; p. 559-580Materia / lugar / evento: Ergonomía Diseño ergonómico Organizaciones Evaluación de resultados Proyectos Autores secundarios: Koningsveld, Ernst A.P.
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