Risk analysis of Finnish peacekeeping in Kosovo

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Título: Risk analysis of Finnish peacekeeping in Kosovo / Kyösti, Lehtomäki, Rauno J. Pääkkönen, and Jorma RantanenAutor: Lehtomäki, Kyösti
Notas: The research team interviewed over 90 Finnish battalion members in Kosovo, visited 22 units or posts, registered its observations, and made any necessary measurements. Key persons were asked to list the most important risks for occupational safety and health in their area of responsibility. The reduction of sports and military training accidents, risk-control programs, and, for some tasks, better personal protection is considered a development challenge for the near futureRegistros relacionados: En: Risk analysis : an international journal. - New York and London. - Vol. 25, nº 2, April 2005 ; p. 389-396Materia / lugar / evento: Gerencia de riesgos Kosovo Fuerzas Armadas Identificación de riesgos Análisis de riesgos Autores secundarios: Pääkkönen, Rauno J.
Rantanen, Jorma
Títulos secundarios: Título: Risk analysis : an international journal
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